Negma Ventures

Funding the Future
Helping foster & strengthen the big Ideas that will drive our world forward.

As the venture arm of Negma Group, we build and invest in transformative internet, software and technology-enabled companies around the world. We are here to advance innovation and creativity, helping create strong foundations for visionary teams. Whether we partner with early-stage founders or develop our own thesis for building a venture, we take a meticulous approach to execution and ongoing support.

Venture Capital Funding

Invest globally in disruptive and highly scalable startups with sound business models led by passionate and dedicated teams of entrepreneurs with a vision for catering to the needs of the future.

Venture Building

Ideate, create and incubate new ideas at the seed stage, focused on building viable business models and partnering with a committed and talented team to manage them.

Our Process

Thoroughly research the sector, market and opportunity and collaborate with field-specific experts to identify key success factors.
Ideate, design and develop venture based on strong hypothesis with support from research backed data and analytics.
Create a dedicated team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals and partner with reputable and skilled service providers.
Inspire and empower creative entrepreneurial talent with all necessary resources and tools to build the future and achieve transformative results.
Ongoing advisory and access to the full breadth of our extensive network of experts.

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