• Negma Group is an alternative investment fund active in Europe, North Americas and Australia. It has invested over 1 billion Euros since inception.
  • Negma Group announces a new financing agreement on the Italian market, after having financed in the past Askoll Eva Spa and Energica Motor Spa.

Milan, 10th of May 2021 – Negma Group is pleased to announce it has entered into an investment agreement with Prismi S.p.A. for the subscription of a convertible bond facility with warrants attached. The agreement, which is subject to the approval of the shareholder meeting, will allow Prismi to receive a financing of up to Euros 6.240.000, with the possibility of renewal for a further Euros 2.080.000 for a total maximum commitment of Euros 8.320.000. 

Negma Group is an alternative investment fund providing small and mid-cap companies with funding required to develop their strategies. The fund has invested over 1 billion Euros since 2013. Negma Group benefits from a wide global network of partners and institutions. 

Prismi S.p.A. is listed on the AIM segment of Borsa Italiana and is a leader in the web and digital marketing sector. Founded in 2007, the company operates in Italy and Switzerland and can count on a workforce of 350 people spread across 7 offices. Prismi offers a wide range of services including content marketing, web designing, E-commerce development, search marketing and SEO, social media managing and mobile marketing.

Prismi can request at its discretion up to 12 tranches of a nominal value of Euros 520.000 each. The bonds will be converted into shares of the company at certain conditions. Prismi will also issue warrants at each tranche, exercisable at a premium. If exercised, the warrants will allow Prismi to raise further financing in the next years. 

The signature of this agreement is part of the conditions necessary to finalize the investment agreement between Prismi, MAG14 srl and Voodoo srl, as announced on the 31st March 2021, which will create the first EXO DIGITAL company in Italy.

Rodolfo Galbiati, Director of Italy of Negma Group commented: “We are very proud to support Prismi during this period of very exciting challenges. I believe Mr Reggiani has developed an amazing plan to build an Italian and international leader in the industry through the acquisition of target companies which will bring great value and synergies.”

Rodolfo Galbiati

Fund Director, Negma Group

Tel: +971 (0)4 3373035

Anthony de Rauville

CIO, Negma Group

Tel: +971 (0)4 3373035