Villeurbanne, France, July 21st, 2022 – 07:30 am CEST – NAVYA (FR0013018041- Navya), an autonomous mobility systems leader, announced the signing of a funding agreement on July 20th with the Negma Group for a total nominal amount of €36 million. Negma is an investment group that is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and operates worldwide. Under the terms of the agreement the financing will take the form of convertible bonds to which a warrant for Negma to purchase shares of Navya’s capital stock is attached, each share having a nominal value of €2,500 and a maturity of twelve (12) months.

With an initial injection of €2.5 million, the funding from Negma represents an immediate improvement of Navya’s cash flow and the first step in its investment strategy, allowing it to pursue its technological roadmap, thus enabling its transition toward industrialization and speed up its entry into the markets of those regions where autonomous mobility solutions are in ever increasing demand.

With its finances on a solid footing thanks to the funding agreement, Navya will be in a position to support its development cycle in the medium term and facilitate progress on its technological and commercial projects. As a leading investment group with the aim of promoting growth and value creation, Negma will not only provide Navya with flexible financing solutions to ensure its large-scale industrialization, but will also enable it to dynamize its strategic and operational performance across its value chain.

“This funding operation is a logical step on our strategic roadmap toward growth. Our partnership with the Negma Group will enable us to speed up the development of Navya and boost our capacity in the markets where demand is high. This first investment plan means that Navya will be able to implement its technological roadmap with confidence and will be in a position to deploy locally at scale in strategic regions like the Middle East. With its innovative and flexible funding solutions, the Negma Group is a strategic investor that provides the opportunity for high potential companies like Navya to scale up their activities. Along with the Supervisory Board, we are delighted to be able to count on such support for our growth and for building sustainable autonomous mobility, both of which will contribute to our success.”

Sophie Desormière, CEO of Navya

“Negma’s involvement in this exciting business project bears witness to our willingness to support the profitable growth of a future world mobility leader, capable of rolling out new forms of technology to meet the challenges of the ecological transition and the fluidity problems of the cities and private spaces of tomorrow on a global scale.”

Elaf Gassam, Chairman of the Negma Group, and François Houssin, Managing Partner of the Negma Group

A detailed explanation of how convertible bonds with stock acquisition rights work is available on Navya’s website.

NAVYA is listed on the Euronext regulated market in Paris (ISIN code: FR0013018041- Navya). Further details:

Issy-les-Moulineaux, le 12 mai 2022 18h00 – Alan Allman Associates (Euronext Paris – FR0000062465 – l’« Ecosystème » – AAA), écosystème de cabinets de conseil à l’international, annonce avoir mis en place un financement obligataire pour un montant maximum d’un million d’euros auprès de Negma group Ltd, un fond d’investissement spécialisé.

Ce financement prend la forme d’une émission d’obligations convertibles en actions, sans BSA attachés sur le fondement de la délégation de compétence consentie par l’Assemblée générale extraordinaire du 23 juin 2021, aux termes de sa 18ème résolution.

La première tranche de 250.000 euros est tirée à la signature du contrat. Le tirage et le quantum des tranches est à la main de la Société. La durée d’engagement maximum de l’Investisseur est de 24 mois à compter de ce jour.

Les obligations convertibles ne porteront pas d’intérêt et auront une maturité de 12 mois à compter de leur émission. Elles pourront être converties à tout moment par leur porteur en actions Alan Allman Associates dans une période d’un an suivant l’émission. Elles devront toutefois être remboursées en cas de survenance d’un cas de défaut usuel en pareille matière.

Cette ligne de financement permet surtout à Alan Allman Associates de bénéficier d’un outil de liquidité, pour permettre à un investisseur extérieur de placer des titres supplémentaires dans le marché.

Les obligations convertibles ne feront pas l’objet d’une demande d’admission aux négociations sur le marché Euronext Paris et ne seront par conséquent pas cotées. Cette opération ne donne pas lieu à l’établissement d’un prospectus soumis au visa de l’AMF.

A propos d’Alan Allman Associates

Alan Allman Associates est un écosystème de marques fortes, spécialisé notamment dans la transformation digitale, créé en 2009 par acquisitions et développement de performance interne, dans l’univers du conseil. Implanté en Europe et en Amérique au Nord, l’Ecosystème entretient un réseau de relations dynamiques, créatrices de valeur autour de 3 pôles : conseil high-tech, conseil en transformation industrielle et conseil en stratégie. Alan Allman Associates est labellisé Happy At Work, certifié ISO 9001 et médaillé Silver Ecovadis pour sa performance RSE.

Alan Allman Associates est coté sur le Compartiment B d’Euronext Paris (FR0000062465 – mnémonique AAA).

Negma Group, investment company, and FAI, an Italian expert in restructuring and acquisitions, announce the acquisition
of ZILLI house with the approval of the Chairman of the Commercial Court of Lyon.

Founded in 1965 by Alain Schimel, ZILLI is a French house reputed in the world of men’s fashion, particularly for its pioneering
role in the invention of the luxury leather jacket. A global reference for more than 50 years, with the Living Heritage Company
label. Refined by the craftsmen and women in its Lyon workshops, the selection of rare hides and exceptional fabrics are
transformed into unique creations. Over the years ZILLI has developed a complete luxury menswear wardrobe: from suits to
shirts, small leather goods, belts, knitwear, jeans, footwear, eyewear. Today, the ZILLI universe shines in the world’s most
beautiful cities, with its stores at the most prestigious addresses.

The aim of the Negma Group and Fai is to consolidate ZILLI house and to set it up as a key player in luxury menswear.
To highlight its identity and the history that it has built up over more than 50 years and capitalize on its Lyon-based expertise.

In real terms, the project consists of strengthening the current markets and rapidly developing the Middle East, European
and Asian markets.

Priority investments will be made in the marketing and communication departments in order to modernize its image and
broaden the target audience.

The takeover involves keeping the company’s 70 current employees in France, 54 of which are on the production site in the
Dardilly workshops.

Alain Schimel, his son Laurent and the family are delighted that the brand, founded in 1965 and labelled as a Living Heritage
Company since 2010, will pursue its legacy, and that the know-how cultivated in the Lyon workshops by several generations
of craftsmen and women will be preserved thanks to the significant investments that are set out in the new shareholders’
investment plan.

Giuseppe Di Nuccio, 52 years old, will lead the new company. Mr. Di Nuccio brings with him 25 years’ experience in directorship
roles at luxury brands such as Jil Sander, Burberry and Giorgio Armani.

Anthony de Rauville, CIO of Negma Group, comments: “ZILLI is a high-value company with considerable human capital.
ZILLI is a strategic, long-term acquisition for Negma and we are happy to provide our human and capital resources, which are
essential to develop the ZILLI brand and bring it to centre stage”.

Guglielmo Ruggeri, Directeur General of FAI, declares: “We are very proud to be given the responsibility for ZILLI house.
We will be bringing in a very professional team, which will work hand-in-hand with the teams in place to create the platform that
is needed for sustainable growth and the creation of value over the long term.”